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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing occurs when a business runs on the social media, for example Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, to gain site visitors or attention. The objective of this form of marketing is usually to encourage website visitors to discuss info derived using social network. The message spreads coming from consumer to be able to user, obtaining the very same influence since old fashioned word of mouth had in yesteryear. Whenever a communication moves virus-like, in the beneficial method, it can be involving great benefit to a product. However, if your viral message can be negative, it might have got devastating implications.

Social marketing offers a business the opportunity to connect in the individual approach along with sellers, rivals, customers, prospects, as well as the media. Blogging and site-building, video clips, and photographs are some of the ways along with implies businesses use to send a message for their different constituents. As the concept can be involved, ingredients have a handy method of working on the content. They're able to enjoy it, nothing like this, ignore it, or even send out that coupled on their sectors of family members, buddies along with colleagues.

Social marketing is a incredible networking application. Bargains are created, services offered, and establishing sites results in success. Marketing, by means of web sites like LinkedIn, increases possibilities. Marketing went international.

Combined with incredible chances regarding interpersonal marketing, there are several negatives. For starters, it will take a great deal of effort and time. A business can choose for you to outsource the task, but when it does not effect and ultimately manage the end result, the outcomes might be disastrous. In fact, the business hazards the loss of good brand id. Undesirable term distributes; it is not easy to control, and even more tough to fix. Although it will probably be worth checking out, social networking is not an successful instrument for every type of businesses.

The Blog Ate My Job!

I just received this comment via my "Contact Us" form:
"John, while the information you post online is informative and I am glad someone is bring (sic) things to public attention it is also can be estremely (sic) opnionated (sic) and unjust. Please realize that the actions you take in your writing can and has cost people their jobs. I work for an ad agency. I try my best to ensure my contributions are not to just sell drugs but to educate consumers. Pharma is about money but its also about making people better. When ads come out they are a result of multiple hands touching a piece from agency, to brand teams to mlr. When you decide to callout an ad you are impacting all those people. So please think about that when writing your blog. And look at what guidelines fda has set and where they still need to go. Rather then being a tatle (sic) tale be a solution maker."
I'm guessing this has something to do with the post I made earlier today about "Retro Replax" ads (here).

The person who wrote chose to remain anonymous, so I will I will just refer to him/her as "Anon."

Anon claims that my writing "can and has cost people their jobs" and I assume he/she means his/her job because the subject line of the message was "lost my job."

First of all, it seems pretty unlikely that someone would be fired within hours after an "opnionated" and "unjust" blog post was made. Who can be so cruel to fire someone on the spot like that, especially someone who is just one of the "multiple hands" responsible for creating and approving ads?

I wonder if Anon also complained to Deborah Dick-Rath over at MM&M. She wrote her critical piece about the Replax print ad way before I did. She really ripped into the creative team: "And while the Relpax creative team put in a valiant effort, in the end, they were defeated by too many typefaces, too much copy, too many messages and a somewhat unfortunate choice in art direction."

I suppose she gets a free pass because she started out with praise, faint though it was.

Maybe this doesn't have anything to do with Replax at all. I just can't recall, however, any recent critical posts I have made that may have gotten Anon fired.

Anyway, I assume Anon will be able to collect a couple of years of unemployment insurance, unless Congress refuses to extend that benefit. When I was laid off many years ago during the dotcom bust, I only received 26 weeks of unemployment insurance - damn George Bush and those Republicans!

Retro Relpax Web Site Features Woman Mopping the Floor. Inspirational? Not!

The "DDR on DTC" column in the August 2012 issue of MM&M magazine ripped into a print ad that showed a woman migraine sufferer being able to mop the floor after taking the Pfizer anti-migraine headache drug Replax.

"DTC ads used to be over-aspirational," said the author, Deborah Dick-Rath, "we saw relieved arthritis sufferers running marathons or playing Frisbee. With Relpax, the insight seems to be that sufferers just aspire to do such everyday activities as mopping the floor...We hope that Relpax is a success for Pfizer and that migraine sufferers find relief. We also hope they get (strictly aspirationally) excused from swabbing the deck" (see "DDR on DTC: Relpax").

Here's the ad that DDR reviewed:

This is probably the result of Pfizer's conservative view of what modern women aspire to at 11:00 Am in the morning (note the clock).

I couldn't find this ad in a recent issue of People Magazine, which is the publication in which DDR found the above ad. Instead I found this much more politically correct, although still not too inspirational, ad:

In this version, two hours after taking Replax, the migraine sufferer is able to go out and do whatever her business is -- probably commuting to work given that the clock is showing 8;00 AM (or is it PM?).

Perhaps Pfizer read DDR's column and revised the print ad campaign, at least as far as image is concerned. Surprisingly, however, the Web site still portrays the woman mopping the floor:

It appears that it takes longer to swap out a Web image that a print ad image.

Pfizer is asking visitors to tell their "stories" by submitting photos or video. "Tell us about your experience with migraines by submitting a story," says the promo page (here). "Your story can include a photo or video. If chosen, your submission could be featured on"

I don't imagine a single submitted photo or video will feature a woman mopping the floor. Do you?

You can tell that pharma marketers are getting desperate when they have to beg consumers to submit stories to compensate for the fact that their image of the modern consumer dates back to the 1950's.